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5 March 16:00 - 18:00Bergh's School of Communication, room #39

Design Leadership Community

As Design has become more integrated into many organisations, the need to lead this capability has also increased.

The issues is how do we do effectively?

What organisation and operative capabilities need to be in place to make this maximise the impact of Design?

What can we learn from other organisations that have managed similar issues?

How does on manage the organisational, staffing and training needed?

How can I develop myself to become a better Design leader?

The journey to lead design for the individual is rarely an easy one. People come from many backgrounds and often don't have ‘manager’ in their title. Design leaders are stewards of a design effort and often emerge informally in organisations.

If you are interested in this area, or find yourself in this situation please join our design leadership community in this discussion.

This is not a forum for observation only. This meetup will require active participation and interaction as a tool for learning.  So please no selling of your products or services. 

Welcome - Christopher and Jens

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Bergh's School of Communication, room #39

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5th of march 2018 at 16-18

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